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Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

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Product Summary

• Powder-coated silver vein steel frame.
• Embossed vinyl upholstery is durable, lightweight, attractive and easy-to-clean.
• Urethane tires mounted on composite wheels provide durability and low maintenance.
• 8" front casters, adjustable in three positions.
• Padded armrests provide additional comfort.
• Carry pocket on backrest provides additional convenience.
• Comes with swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests with tool free adjustable length riggings.
• Plastic foot plates with heel loops on footrests.
• Comes with push-to-lock wheel locks.

Item #                          Color           Seat Width         Armrest                                 Product Front Riggings                            HCPCS*

SSP216FA-SF            Silver Vein             16"              Fixed Arm                              Swing-away Footrests                                K0001 OR K0002

SSP216FA-ELR          Silver Vein             16"              Fixed Arm                              Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests               K0001 OR K0002

SSP216DDA-SF         Silver Vein             16"              Detachable Desk Arm            Swing-away Footrests                               K0001 OR K0002

SSP216DDA-ELR        Silver Vein            16"             Detachable Desk Arm             Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002

SSP216DFA-SF          Silver Vein            16"              Detachable Full Arm                Swing-away Footrests                              K0001

SSP216DFA-ELR        Silver Vein            16"              Detachable Full Arm               Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002

SSP218FA-SF             Silver Vein            18"               Fixed Arm                              Swing-away Footrests                                K0001 OR K0002

SSP218FA-ELR           Silver Vein            18"               Fixed Arm                              Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002

SSP218DDA-SF          Silver Vein             18"               Detachable Desk Arm           Swing-away Footrests                              K0001 OR K0002

SSP218DDA-ELR        Silver Vein             18"              Detachable Desk Arm            Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002

SSP218DFA-SF           Silver Vein             18"              Detachable Full Arm              Swing-away Footrests                               K0001 OR K0002

SSP218DFA-ELR         Silver Vein             18"              Detachable Full Arm              Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002

SSP220DDA-SF           Silver Vein             20"              Detachable Desk Arm            Swing-away Footrests                               K0001 OR K0002+E2201

SSP220DDA-ELR         Silver Vein             20"              Detachable Desk Arm           Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002+E2201

SSP220DFA-SF            Silver Vein             20"              Detachable Full Arm              Swing-away Footrests                              K0001 OR K0002+E2201

SSP220DFA-ELR          Silver Vein             20"              Detachable Full Arm             Swing-away Elevating Leg Rests              K0001 OR K0002+E2201

Width Open with 16" Seat:                                         24"
Width Open with 18" Seat:                                         26"
Width Open with 20" Seat:                                         28"
Width Closed:                                                            12.5"
Height:                                                                       36"
Seat-To-Floor Height:                                                17.5" - 19.5"
Back Height:                                                              16"
Seat Depth:                                                               16"
Length with Riggings:                                                42"
Product Weight with 16" Seat:                                  40 lbs.
Product Weight with 18" Seat:                                  41 lbs.
Product Weight with 20" Seat:                                  42 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 16" Seat:                     48 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 18" Seat:                     49 lbs.
Carton Shipping Weight with 20" Seat:                     50 lbs.
Weight Limit with 16" Seat:                                       250 lbs.
Weight Limit with 18" Seat:                                       300 lbs.
Weight Limit with 20" Seat:                                       350 lbs.
Warranty:                                                                  Limited 3 Year


























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